Modern Brews + Beats Podcast #176: Maple Branch Craft Brewery

Modern Brews and Beats Podcast #176: Maple Branch Craft Brewery

It’s our four-year podcast anniversary! On episode 176, you’ll hear Jerry’s interview with Stuart and Allyssa Maples of Maple Branch Craft Brewery in Fort Worth. Their beers have won awards in several competitions including Great American Beer Festival and the Texas Craft Brewers Cup. Find out how their brewing journey started and their efforts to help beer drinkers “branch” from just American light lager.

You’ll also hear from Celeste Beatty of Harlem Brewing Company on the mission of the National Black Brewers Association. Be sure to visit the association site and to participate in the new Black is Beautiful Vol. 2 brew.

Plus, co-host Tony Dunn has a Lyric Lookup segment of the mega-popular 1998 track, “One Week”, by Barenaked Ladies. And to answer Tony’s question in the segment, we’ve done a few podcasts this year celebrating the 25- and 30-year anniversaries of songs and albums including Nirvana, Esthero, and A Tribe Called Quest.

If you’re in Dallas / Ft. Worth or soon to be, check out the events page for what’s coming up.

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