Modern Brews + Beats Podcast #161: Q-Tip Tribute One – Award Tour

Modern Brews + Beats Podcast #161: Award Tour

It’s a ‘Lyric Lookup’ segement for the track “Award Tour” by A Tribe Called Quest this week, as we begin our three-part series on songwriter, performer and producer Q-Tip. Special guest Jeff joins us again after a long break to discuss his personal memory of David Jude Jolicoeur (Trugoy the Dove) who passed in February 2023, as well as these topics:

De La Soul’s catalog on music streaming services and Dave’s memorial concert

Texas Independence Day didn’t provide for freedom for all in the state

Why you should really pick up the Dilla Time book by Dan Charnas

More thoughts on the new pitch clock in Major League Baseball

Phife Dawg and other artists who grew up Seventh-day Adventist

Classic hip-hop message boards and forums like and

Mid-One “Top Notch” of the Lyrical Discipline crew (sample of Phife Dawg’s verse on “Award Tour”)

Our beers of the week are from Alstadt Brewing Company, Coop Ale Works and Intrinsic Brewing.

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