Modern Brews + Beats Podcast #165: Breath From Another at 25

Modern Brews + Beats Podcast #165: Breath From Another at 25

Another music-heavy set this week. This time, Jerry takes a look back at Breath From Another, the debut album by Esthero released 25 years ago this month. At this time, Esthero was considered a duo between Jenny-Bea Englishman and Martin “Doc” McKinney. We take a look at the origin of the trip-hop genre and why this album is considered a cult classic.

Brews of the week go to Boulevard Brewing Company and Bow & Arrow Brewing Company. Our beats of the week come from Yves Tumor, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Durand Bernarr.

Along with the Smittox Brewing Private Press fundraiser on April 23, be sure to check out the other upcoming beer-related events in and around Dallas/Ft. Worth.

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