Modern Brews + Beats Podcast #179: Orange Bike Brewing

Tom Ruff and Jason Kissinger of Orange Bike Brewing join us for episode 179 of Modern Brews + Beats Podcast. Based in Portland, Maine, Orange Bike will be a dedicated gluten-free craft beer brewery opening in Fall 2023.

After years of owning a medical recruiting business, Tom shares how the discovery of his own gluten insensitivity causes to him consider the opportunity of making gluten-free beer.

Jason is the head brewer for Orange Bike. He was trained by Alan Pugsley 15 years ago at Davidson Brothers in Glen Falls, New York. Now, he’s working with Alan again on the original Peter Austin Brewery system that he was first trained on 15 years ago for Orange Bike.

Along with learning about the foundation of the brewery, we discuss the difference between gluten-free and gluten-reduced beverages and the brewery’s commitment to a “triple bottom line” – social, environmental, and financial good.

Our brews for the week are from Orange Bike and Rising Tide. Our beats are from Keith Jarrett, Snarky Puppy, and Sylvester.

Cheers to KidMental for writing and performing the new show theme.

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