Lakewood Brewing’s New Lager Pony Pils Shows School Spirit

Lakewood Brewing's new lager Pony Pils
Lakewood’s Pony Pils. Photo credit: Lakewood Brewing

Lakewood Brewing Company has a new year-round lager beer with SMU Mustang fans in mind. Pony Pils is a 4.5% American Golden Lager for a fun tailgate and game-day experience.

“I’ve been wanting to do a Pony beer for years, and I think that craft beer fans are ready to embrace the crispy bois (beer lingo for light and crisp craft lagers),” says Lakewood founder and SMU alum Wim Bens. “As a Mustang, I can’t wait to be on the boulevard on game day with a Pony Pils in hand.”  

Pony Pils will support Lakewood’s first scholarship with $1 from every case going to the LBC Future Brewer STEM Scholarship. Its goal is to “Inspire the passions of the next generation of craft brewers.”

Bens answers a few more questions about the scholarship for NTX Beer.

Q: Would this be a scholarship for an existing SMU Student or a graduating high school student?

Bens: The scholarship will be for a graduating high school student.

Q: What will be the amount of the scholarship and what will it cover?

Bens: The more we sell, the bigger the scholarship. Literally, $1 of every case will go into the scholarship, which will cover the student’s educational costs.

Q: Does the scholarship include working at Lakewood for a specific amount of time?

Bens: The scholarship does not currently include working at Lakewood.

Q: Will the $1 per case to fund the scholarship eventually expand to all of Lakewood’s beer offerings?

Bens: The scholarship is only from sales of Pony Pils and there are not current plans to extend it.

Q: Will the scholarship consider an angle of increasing underrepresented populations in the brewing industry?

Bens: There is no current plan to, however we’ll let you know if that changes.

Available on shelves and taps Texas-wide, you can find Lakewood’s award-winning beers with Lakewood’s online Beer Finder.

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