Modern Brews + Beats Podcast #178: Drew Campbell | On Tap DFW

Drew Campbell with On Tap DFW joins us on episode #178 of Modern Brews + Beats Podcast. Along with discussing Australian prog rock bands, Drew shares his craft beer journey, fun bottle share stories, and a day in the life at his Arlington, Texas-based beer bar. Fun fact, it’s our first time having a guest on the show who, like KooTonyD, is also a Mesquite, Texas native.

Our brews of the week are from Lakewood Brewing Company, Knee Deep Brewing Company (shout out Drgnmaster214!) and New Belgium Brewing Company.

Our beats of the week include Roy Davis Jr, Karivool, Cog, Dead Letter Circus, Jordan Ward and Mick Jenkins (the track Jerry blanks out on is “Show and Tell” feat. Freddie Gibbs).

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