Modern Brews + Beats Podcast #181: Anselmo a.k.a. Slohmoe

Slohmoe at Brooklyn Brewery
Modern Brews + Beats Podcast #181: Anselmo a.k.a. Slohmoe

Anselmo a.k.a Slohmoe joins us for episode 181 of Modern Brews and Beats. Tony met Slohmoe during a recent trip to Brooklyn, NY. Along with slingin’ beers and giving tours at Brooklyn Brewery, Slohmoe is an independent musician. We discuss his new music and how he became so passionate about craft beer.

Thanks to our friends at Fast Friends Beer Company for the opening drop. Our brews for the week at Angel City Brewing, False Idol Brewing and Guinness. Our beats for the week are from Ovall, Rosehardt, The Beneficaries, DJ Shadow, and Brittany Howard.

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