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I’m excited to see more local beer podcasts starting up in North Texas. Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been honored to share the microphone with a few of them. Here are the links to the shows I’ve made a guest appearance on so far in 2019.

I Know Nothing About Beer [Apple][Castbox] – Don’t let Allan Heida’s modest show title fool you. The man knows a lot about beer and music. We discussed how we first met, the presence of breweries on social media, and how to have a great bottle share. Concerning the bottle shares, some thought’s I’ve shared before here on my first blog. [Twitter][Instagram].

The Pilot Project [Apple][Castbox] – Many NTX podcasters and breweries may remember Marcus and Dustin from their previous show, Brew Bloods. In August 2018, they decided to switch to discussing television pilots with The Pilot Project. It was great to meet them in person and discover that their banter is as fluid off-mic as on. For this episode, we discussed the peculiar premise behind, “My Mother The Car”. [Twitter][Instagram].

Dallas Beer Talk [YouTube][Castbox] – Victor Santana has been blazing through DFW with his mobile video unit in hand, ready to candidly capture the local beer community. I’ve made appearances on several shows of his simply because we were at the same event. Our latest full interview was at Craft & Growler in January of 2019. [Twitter][Instagram][Facebook].

As a person who’s produced two podcasts before, I realize that it’s hard work to create and promote your shows. I salute their work and look forward to more.

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