Building community sharing beer.

“It’s about two buildings,” the pastor said. “One with the A-frame roof and a cross, and one with the flat roof. Under one roof, people like to point out your troubles. Under the other, you can share a beer and share your troubles and feel welcome – or at least feel no worse a sinner than anybody else. Why isn’t the first space like the second?”

luca-bravo-287775-unsplashWhile the specific details about this sermon I heard while enrolled while in college fade from my memory, the idea of this place that allowed you to truly come as you are intrigued me. And do it over sharing a beer, no less! Fascinated, but not completely convinced as it would be at least four or five years after university that I would even try my first beer (on my 27th birthday). Besides, I was attending a very religious university at the time which meant people would frown on you for drinking coffee, so forget about alcohol!

Of course when I did begin drinking beer I had no idea then what was considered craft versus macro. I just knew I didn’t care for anything really bitter at the time. Fast forwarding several years and many beers since, this experience under “the flat roof” stays on my mind as I host bottle shares as NTX Beer. I want newcomers to feel welcome, to feel comfortable being as curious about beer as I am, and to feel like they’ve gained an appreciation for beverages that may take them out of their comfort zone.

karolina-szczur-504607-unsplash“Beer has long surpassed its literal form of being a beverage that we all enjoy,” Hannah Carlson wrote on “It’s evolving into a foundation for community, culture and conversation. It is a drink best enjoyed with company — with that company, ideally, also recognizing beer’s power to evolve, transform, and challenge its drinkers.” Carlson is sharing the exact experience what I want others to have at the shares. As far as people sharing their personal troubles, perhaps that’ll come out when there is connection between us.

Speaking of connection and community, that’s the goal of brands like Dope & Dank and SoCalCerveceros – to show that brewing as well as consuming craft beer can be for everyone. You can share a beer and share your troubles and feel welcome – a foundation for community, culture and conversation for all of us.

I spoke with Victor Santana of Dallas Beertalk after hosting my first public share at Intrinsic Brewing & Smokehouse in Garland, Texas. Take a listen.

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