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  1. Hello… Thanks so much for adding us to your list, but we don’t and haven’t had any New Main Beer at our facility. We self-distribute and have never sold any beer but our own. Thanks!

    1. Thank you and apologies. Received the email from John Valentine of Dr. Jeckll Beer Lab and perhaps misread that they, not Division, carried the beer.

  2. Every brewery should have a house lager always on tap, and I am starting to ponder if they should have an NA option (not soda) available as well? DFW breweries are becoming more gathering spaces than years before, and that can make it an easier location. Thoughts?

    1. I agree 100% on our local breweries having at least one sessionable lager or ale offering that’s less than 5% ABV. I’d also love to see more N/A offerings on draft and, if customer feedback is positive, in packaged form. I think about it in the same way as restaurants getting serious about providing solid vegetarian and vegan food options on their menu. You never know what additional business may come (and stay) your way if you’re doing it right and consistently.

    1. John, the easiest way to get it their now is to have a friend here in Dallas/Fort Worth who can send it to you. Happy to share whenever it becomes available outside of the local market.