Modern Brews + Beats Podcast #81: Cee Lo Green Tribute Two – Smiley Faces

Modern Brews + Beats 81: Smiley Faces - Cee Lo Green, part two

On episode 81 of Modern Brews + Beats, it’s part two of our Cee Lo Green discussion. This time, we’re covering the Gnarls Barkley era, including a Lyric Lookup on the song, “Smiley Faces”. Be sure to check out episode 79 for part one of our discussion.

Jerry’s enjoying brews from Wayfinder, Funky Picnic and Hop & Sting. Here’s more on the Queer Beer Festival sponsored by Samuel Adams and Hop Culture. Tony trades alcohol for caffeine this week as he discusses his obsession with finding the perfect cold brew.

Jerry and Tony also take time to discuss the recent fallout involving several breweries from allegations addressed in this VinePair article. Also mentioned is the 2018 situation involving Founders Brewing. Here’s more on that case’s 2019 settlement (and the statement from the diversity director who resigned in the same year).

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