Modern Brews + Beats 75: Starlight

Image of radios, speakers, and clocks from the website, Unsplash, serving as the cover for Modern Brews + Beats, episode 75: Starlight

Jeff (IG: jefft617) joins Tony and Jerry for episode 75. Jeff lives in Texas, but he’s originally from Boston, MA. So you’ll get the Boston infusion throughout the show. Topics for this show include:

Beer-to-go in Texas

Community Beer Co expansion

Support Smittox Brewing through MainVest

April 17 event with Texas Brew Hopper / Smittox Brewing at Denton County Brewing Co.

Beers enjoyed: Black Curtains from Peticolas, Jai Alai from Cigar City, March of the Mallows from Maple Branch Craft Brewery.

Jeff shares how hip-hop changed his life. Tony follows with discussion on the impact of regional (U.S.) hip-hop.

Jerry shares his latest pickups from Bandcamp.

Tony shares his latest Spotify finds, then leads us through the Lyric Lookup segment for “Starlight” by Muse. According to Tony, it’s Angi’s favorite segment.

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