Modern Brews + Beats 14

Bottle & Vinyl Share at Intrinsic Brewing. Nov. 2019

On episode 14 of Modern Brews + Beats, Jerry shares his Top 5 DFW Winter Warmer beers, plus gives everyone a heads up on how to support Texas craft beer education and advocacy on this Small Business Saturday, Nov. 30. In remembrance of the 19th anniversary of DJ Screw’s passing, Tony lists the can’t-miss tracks from the producer’s mixtape discography.

Tony also features DFW Beerstagrammers from the recent Bottle + Vinyl Share at Intrinsic Brewery & Smokehouse. Listen for @The_Undeniable_Vixen, @Dfwbrewsquad, @Intrinsichypeman, @Mictar, @Ntxbeerguy, @hop_flasher, and @DallasBeerTalk. Be sure to follow them on Instagram, as well as @I_Am_CraftBeer.

As always, you can find Tony online at Instagram, Twitter and SoundCloud. Find Jerry at Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for NTX Beer and for Groove Loves Melody

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